Investment Pieces – Boots

I believe that there are certain items that are in your wardrobe that are worth spending a little extra money on. I like to think of them as investment pieces. Pieces that you will love for years to come. So here is a miniseries where I give you advice on the things that are worth splashing a bit of extra cash on. 

I am a massive fan of leather. Boarder line obsessive. One of my favourite leather good to buy are shoes. In particular boots. I seem to always be in boots these days. They are versatile, both in a practical sense and in a fashion sense, along with the fact they are comfy as hell. So this is something I don’t mind spending a little bit more money on. I truly believe that you will find a bigger return on your investment. By that I mean that they will take you further than their slightly cheaper counterparts. You will find that this higher price usually translates to the boots lasting longer. Longer before the sole or heel needs replacing and the longer the leather will withstand the battering of the elements before they look knackered.

Now, I understand that not everyone can spare £200 for a new pair of boots, and I am not saying you necessarily have to. If you are not comfortable with spending quite so much, I recommend keeping an eye on the sales. It might take some patience, but I assure you there are lots of bargains to be had out there. For example, shortly after Christmas I bought a new pair of boots in a sale. The bargain of £70.00, I say bargain because they were reduced from £120. They are nothing special. Brown suede lace ups with a nice thick sole from Gant.

I was after a decent pair of boots, that I knew would stand the test of time (or the test of the wet and cold weather that makes Scotland such a hotspot for tourists). They are great, funnily enough they are on my feet right now and have been for most of the last 2 months since I bought them. They are practical and comfy, all that you need in a winter boot.

This being said, if you do have a spare couple of hundred that is burning a whole in your silk lined pockets, I have a few suggestions for you. During the summer, I was working more in Forgans so had a little bit more money to ‘waste’ on things. One of those things being boots and I must admit I bought two pairs. Both equally lovely, but slightly different. The first, a pair of lace up boots from Russel & Bromley.

They are amazing! I am really in love with them. They are a waxed leather. Meaning that small scuffs can be rubbed away. The wax also means that they have a lovely shine and they are relatively easy to maintain. I am slightly strange in that I like polishing my shoes, it is weird but I think it has something to do with the instant results on hard work. Weird I know, but if you are the polar opposite, then you won’t have any issue with these. As well as being a lovely versatile leather, they are also very multipurpose. They look amazing in casual situations, paired with some slim jeans and a chunky knit. But can also look amazing in a formal situation with grey marl or tweed trousers. I honestly cannot recommend these boots enough.

The other pair of boots that made their way into my collection were a pair of Dubarrys. A brand synonymous with quality. The Irish brand has a large roster of products, but are probably mostly recognised for their sporting boots (in other words, posh wellies). Despite wanting a pair of ‘posh wellies’ for all the walking I will do when I eventually get a dog (a lifelong dream of mine), it was in fact a pair of Chelsea boots that I purchased. Dubarry‘s Kerry boots to be precise.

Chelsea boots make up a large proportion of my shoe collection. I love them. I think they look amazing. I’d say they are more of a casual boot. In my opinion, it is very difficult to match Chelsea boots with a suit. Paired with slim jeans or chinos they they balance on a fine line between smart-casual. Suede is not the most practical of leathers, but I think it always looks a bit more casual. (It is also easily protected, so don’t stress too much.) I love these boots so much that the Mahogany leather pair have a safe spot on my To-Buy list and will hopefully sneak their way in to my collection very soon.

Another pair of Chelsea boots that are on that list are from the Australian brand – RM Williams. They are really quite expensive and I think that is what has stopped me from buying them (however, it is my 21st birthday soon so maybe, just maybe,  you can all do a whip around and surprise me). They are nice boots and I would really love them, but I think they are an example of the point where you stop paying for increased quality and longevity, and start paying for the brand. But if you have the money then why not…

So if you get the chance, go and treat yourself to a new pair of (quality) boots. I guarantee you’ll love them.

Thanks for reading,



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