The Bramble, a gin based cocktail that is slightly tart but refreshing. Simply made, the two main ingredients are Gin and Creme de Mure. A cocktail that goes incredibly well as a little apéritif before your dinner or even a digestif for afterwards. 

So this week my cocktail comes from my Girlfriend, Fionna’s house. I was invited up for my dinner and thought that I could be in charge of the cocktails for the night. But tonight was extra special because we had a guest chef… Cameron (Fionna’s little brother).

Before I tell you the recipe for the Bramble I thought I would share how delicious our meal was. Peri-peri chicken with sweet potato (a crowd favourite in the Laing household) and some green veg. It might sound simple, but sometimes the simplest of things are indeed the tastiest and this definitely fell into the tasty category.

As a little bit of fun we decided we would all have a plating competition, to see who could plate the food the best. It then fell to Fionna’s Dad to make the hard decision as to who was the winner. I am glad to report that there was no confusion as to who had won this title of ‘Best Dish’. (A little Oscars joke for you all) It was me.


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Here is a little picture for you. I believe that it was the intertwined green beans that gave me the win. But if I am completely honest, I am not sure whether it was done intentionally or not.

Although I won, by a fluke, everyone else’s dishes looked amazing too…


This was Fionna’s…


and this one belonged to Chef Cameron…


then there was Ellie’s (Fionna’s Little Sister)…


and finally, Gill’s (Fionna’s Mum)

I am sure we can all agree that each of the dishes were expertly presented.

Anyways… back to the Bramble, here is how you make it


  • Gin – 50ml
  • Creme de Mure – 25ml
  • Sugar Syrup – 12.5
  • Lemon Juice – 12.5

I’d just like to advocate a little bit on behalf of Tanqueray Ten. Now most of you will probably recognise its little brother – the original Tanqueray – but this premium version is made with cocktails in mind. Even to the point that the bottle screams art-deco cocktails. Tanqueray Ten, compared to ordinary Tanqueray, is made in small batches and the recipe includes a larger amount of fresh citrus. As a result, Tanqueray Ten covers a larger flavour pallet which makes ideal for cocktails such as the Bramble.

Although the differences are small, and I am not saying this is the only gin to make a Bramble with, in my opinion this is the best gin to make a bramble with.


  1. Pop some ice into your shaker, along with the Gin, Sugar Syrup and Lemon Juice
  2. The shake to for about 45 seconds, or until you can feel the shaker go ice-cold
  3. Add some ice (crushed works best) to your glass
  4. Strain the mixture  into the glass
  5. Finish off by pouring in the Creme de Mure and adding a couple of fresh blackberries

The finish product should look something like this…

Now this cocktail is Gill approved, so no one can argue with that!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoy,



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