Cocktail Essentials – Sugar Syrup

There is no excuse for not making your own sugar syrup. Made of 2 ingrediants I am sure will be in your kitchens. If not, you can always ask neighbours.

With the couple of cocktail recipes that I have posted, you will have seen me talking about sugar syrup and I thought I would teach you how to make your own. Saving you money and  the hassle of ordering it, all at the same time.

Sugar syrup is a vital element to making cocktails. It can be expensive to buy a bottle of readymade syrup, especially when it is made so easily. It is literally water and sugar. 2 ingredients that are in every kitchen.

It only takes 10 minutes in total to make, however you will need to let it cool before using. You can use it in cocktails to offset the sourness of citrus that is used in the vast majority of cocktail recipes.


  • Sugar – Caster or Granulated
  • Water
  • Vodka (optional)


  1. Put water and sugar (2:1 Cups – Sugar:Water) in a sauce pan and heat
  2. Stirring occasionally – do not let it come to the boil, you only want it to dissolve the sugar
  3. Once the liquid seems to get thicker you can add a splash of vodka – this will give the sugar syrup a longer life (6 months)

Version 2

Once you have mastered it, this recipe will be your best friend when it comes to making cocktails. It may seem a trivial element to a cocktail but you will be surprised at how much of a difference it really makes. Eliminating any unwanted tanginess but leaving the lovely citrus flavour.

I hope you enjoy and thanks for reading,



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