About Me


I think it is a good idea if you know a bit more about me, and why I am writing this blog. So here is my version of a blurb.

At the moment most of my time is taken up with studying. I am in the final year of my law degree, and in the midst of trying to figure out a plan for the future. Pretty grown up stuff. Scary stuff in fact. So I thought I’d try something a bit different. For the longest time I have played with the idea of starting a blog. Journalism has always intrigued me, so a blog seemed a good way for me to give it a shot. A blog that will discuss my passions, hopefully, in an interesting and engaging way.

Firstly, a little explantation of the name – Mode of Living. With being a law student, I thought I would try and be really clever with my choice of name and I think I have maybe just managed it. Mode of living is a phrases that is derived from the latin modus vivendi. It is synonymous with ‘way of life’. I thought it tied pretty well with the kind of things I will be talking about. The kind of things that, in my opinion, contribute to your way of life.

I have created three main categories that will hopefully incapsulate the majority of the things I will be chatting about. However, please do not be too surprised if I chat about something that doesn’t quite fall into one of the boxes. The categories are three of my biggest passions, and are things that I think will be interesting to write about.

We all eat. It is a necessity to survival. Anyone that knows me will tell you that I love food. Not just the eating of it, but also the cooking. It has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. The idea of creating something for people to enjoy is one that I cannot argue with. I have a real love for it. So I plan on sharing some of my recipes or small posts talking about a particular food. Something that goes hand in hand with food – drink. Cocktails, whiskies or wine. Everything and everything. It is something that is a growing passion of mine. It hasn’t been in my life as long as food, but it is quickly catching up. So as well as recipes for food dishes, I will also be sharing cocktail ideas. Usually tried and tested by yours truly (I am not complaining).

I have also found myself becoming more and more immersed in fashion. I have been told by my Grandfather from a young age that ‘presentation matters’. As a result, I have always put effort into the things that I wear. Now personal style is subjective. Like music, everyone has their own taste. I just plan on giving you my idea on certain fashion related things – I am no expert. It is just something else I am passionate about, and I would like to share that growing passion with all of you.

Just like so many university students I am in love with TV and Film. There is nothing else that can distract you for a couple of hours like a good Netflix binge. So I think I’d like to share my opinion on new shows or films, and also give you advice on what your next watch should be. However, if you are anything like me your watchlist will already be overflowing.

Whatever the case may be, I have a feeling that I will enjoy creating content for you all to read. We’ll soon find out whether or not it is for me. So here goes…

I hope you enjoy,