Cocktail Essentials – Sugar Syrup

There is no excuse for not making your own sugar syrup. Made of 2 ingrediants I am sure will be in your kitchens. If not, you can always ask neighbours. With the couple of cocktail recipes that I have posted, you will have seen me talking about sugar syrup and I thought I would teach you how to … Continue reading Cocktail Essentials – Sugar Syrup



The Bramble, a gin based cocktail that is slightly tart but refreshing. Simply made, the two main ingredients are Gin and Creme de Mure. A cocktail that goes incredibly well as a little apéritif before your dinner or even a digestif for afterwards.  So this week my cocktail comes from my Girlfriend, Fionna's house. I was invited up for my … Continue reading Bramble

French Martini

My girlfriend's go-to drink for the evening. Simple but dangerously delicious. So this is my Girlfriend Fionna's favourite cocktail. She loves how easy it is to drink. She kind of stumbled across it whilst trying to find an alternative to Gin. Vodka based, this cocktail is fruity yet light. The pineapple juice, when shaken, leaves the … Continue reading French Martini


Mushroom Risotto

Family Favourites - a collection of recipes that seem to be regulars at my family's dinner table. Most dishes are either alterations of recipes from books or that have been found online but some are my own. Whatever the case may be, grab an apron and lets get cooking! For a couple of weeks now my Mum has … Continue reading Mushroom Risotto


Apple Mule

My take on the classic Moscow Mule. Refreshing and easy drinking, something that can be your drinking buddy for the whole evening.  This is a cocktail that I stumbled across whilst on holiday with my Girlfriend, last October. We were in Milan and it was maybe our third day there. We had visited the Duomo earlier that … Continue reading Apple Mule